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Adar 8, 5762 - 19/2/02

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Jews and Torah fulfillment

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If a Jew does not fulfil all the words of the Torah, won't he be cursed?

Christianity teaches that the whole Law of Moses, all 613 commandments, are
to be kept by every Jew. If he fails in one, he has broken them all. Now,
because no one has been able to do this, all are cursed (Deut. 27.26). Paul
"...as many as are of the works of the Law are under a curse, for it is
written, 'cursed is everyone who continueth not in all things which are
written in the book of the law, to do them." (Gal 3.10)

Jesus presented a new covenant because the old covenant of Torah Law was
ineffective, as Paul taught (Heb. 8.6ff); "for if the first covenant had been
faultless, no place would have been found for a second".

For this reason, the Jew for Jesus had abandoned the Torah, replacing it
with the New Testament. He is "under grace" (Gal. 5.4) and that is why he
asks this question.


Nowhere is it said that any individual has to fulfil all the words of the
Torah. Paul is guilty of adding a word to the Torah, which is not to be found
in the original text. The Hebrew word 'Kol' meaning 'all' is not found in
Deut 27.26. The mitzvot are to be shared out among the community. There are
laws to be kept only by the Cohanim. Some are to be kept only by those who
own slaves and servants, other mitzvot are for farmers who own land. There
are mitzvot that are only for men and others that are only for women.
Therefore, it is folly to say that Deut 27.26 is addressed to the individual.
The elders of each tribe are told to establish the words of the Torah, to
make it a law to live by in all their habitations.


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