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Adar 17, 5762 - 28/2/02

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by Thomas


As a former Baptist pastor who is a convert to Judaism I should like everyone to consider the following. The word evangelism unfortunately has a bad connotation to most Jews. However, if we are to say that the word means talking abot "good news," let us consider the following good news.

In comparing Judaism to Christianity we find some amazing notations.
Christianity, we are told by the Christians is a religion of love. While, we are told by  these same Christians, Judaism is archaic and legalistic.

However, let us note the following: I should add that the following is true of most Christians (not all), and almost all evangelicals. The following is also taught in the Christian NT.

Christians, believe and teach that G-d only hears and answers the prayers of Christians. Judaism believes that all of humanity can indeed pray to G-d and be heard and answered by G-d.

Christianity, believes that in order to be satisfied, G-d required the death of a human being. Judaism forbids human sacrifice as the words of G-d attest to in the Tanach.

Christianity, believes that in order to be a child of G-d one must accept Jesus as: messiah, son of G-d, very G-d Himself, and L-rd. Judaism believe that each man and woman can be a child of G-d without regard to their "faith." All a non Jew has to do is to act in a moral manner, only Jews have certain other Laws to follow.

Christianity, teaches that only Christians will go to heaven upon death.
Judaism teaches that all righteous individuals may abide in the Garden of Eden after death.

Christianity, has, in the past two thousand years murdered, robbed, and beaten Jews because of the teachings contained in the NT.

Therefore, which religion is more compassionate, more loving? Which indeed has "good news" for modern man? You be the judge.


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