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 Tammuz 2, 5762 - 12/6/02

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Jesus' death: Pilate, Barabbas & the Jews

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judíos preguntas respuestas mashiaj hamashiaj fiestas jaguim shabat shabbat rezos plegaria Dios Jesus' death: Pilate, Barabbas & the Jews

by Anti-missionary groups

The gospel writers go to every conceivable length to absolve the Romans in
general, and Pilate in particular, of Jesus' crucifixion and to blame it on
the Jews. The reason, of course, was that Christianity was going to have to
exist under Roman rule for many years, which is why the New Testament
contains nothing critical of the Romans, even though they were hated for
their heavy taxation, and Pilate was hated for his brutality. For the church,
the Jews made an appropriate scapegoat because they were a thorn in side of
the early church. The Jews, of course, had far greater knowledge of Jewish
laws and traditions than the largely gentile church, and were able to call
attention to some of the errors being taught by the church.

The Biblical account of Pilate's offer to release Jesus but the Jews
demanding the release of Barabbas is pure fiction, containing both
contradictions and historical inaccuracies.

a. What had Barabbas done?
 1. Mark 15:71 and Luke 23:192 say that Barabbas was guilty of
insurrection and murder.
 2. John 18:403 says that Barabbas was a robber.
b. Pilate's "custom" of releasing a prisoner at Passover.

This is pure invention - the only authority given by Rome to a Roman governor
in situations like this was postponement of execution until after the
religious festival. Release was out of the question. It is included in the
gospels for the sole purpose of further removing blame for Jesus' death from
Pilate and placing it on the Jews.

c. Pilate gives in to the mob.

The gospels have Pilate giving in to an unruly mob. This is ridiculous in
light of Pilate's previous and subsequent history. Josephus tells us that
Pilate's method of crowd control was to send his soldiers into the mob and
beat them (often killing them) into submission. Pilate was eventually
recalled to Rome because of his brutality.

1 Mark 15.7 "And there was one named Barabbas, which lay bound with them
that had made insurrection with him, who had committed murder in the
2 Luke 23.18-19 "And they cried out all at once, saying, Away with this man,
and release unto us Barabbas:" (Who for a certain sedition made in the city,
and for murder, was cast into prison.)
3 John 18.40 "Then cried they all again, saying, Not this man, but Barabbas.
Now Barabbas was a robber."

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